Leprechaun Hat Toddler Craft

A week from today is St Patrick’s Day so we were due for a new craft project! This week we created a Leprechaun Hat using popsicle sticks. We had a ton of fun plus Tyler informed me that the hat buckle looks like Gaston’s shoes from Beauty and the Beast. So there’s that. Check out how we created our craft!


Create this super easy and fun St Patrick's Day craft with your toddler. All you need is popsicle sticks, paper, and paint to make this leprechaun hat.


What You Need:

Yellow and Black Construction Paper



Green Paint

Paint Brush

Jumbo Popsicle Sticks

What To Do:

1. Place one popsicle stick down horizontally and glue the other sticks vertically leaving a space on each end.


Leprechaun Leprechaun


2. Once the glue dries, flip over the sticks and paint with green paint.




3. While the paint is drying, cut a slim rectangle from the black paper to be the hat band, a small square from the yellow paper to be the hat buckle, and an even smaller square to be the band in the center of the buckle.


4. Glue these three pieces together and then once the paint is dry, glue the band to the hat just above the horizontal popsicle stick.




And there you have it, a popsicle stick leprechaun hat. This was a quick project and a lot of fun.  Tyler’s craft skills are getting better and better so we are going to have to start creating more elaborate crafts.  This one was perfect for the 30 minutes between Hailey’s bedtime and Tyler’s bedtime.

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Author : Emily Bendler

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This looks great! I’m going to have my little guy try it tomorrow. I even actually have all the stuff to make it!


This is such a cool project my 4 year old would love doing this. Thanks for sharing.


Olive your little leprechaun crafts! I’ll have to make this hat with my girls. We love arts and crafts and it’s such a great way to get the screen turned off and spend some time together