Mixtiles Review: Quality Easy to Hang Pictures

I love my kids! Who doesn’t? Like their kids. I mean I don’t see why you wouldn’t like my kids. What I’m trying to say is we all like our own kids.  We love showing off pictures of them.  Our phones are at the ready to show off their latest cute picture or milestone moment.  However, if you are like me, these pictures don’t always make it on display at home.




It is time consuming to pick out pictures we like and blow them up and put them in frames to be displayed.  Even if it’s not about them time, sometimes we just don’t even think of it.  If you are renting, another issue is doing damage to the walls.  You may not be allowed to make holes to hang your frames.  Lastly, some frames are super annoying to hang! I have a few frames that I don’t change the pictures simply because of the hassle it is to get those little hooks to catch the nail.  Some of them are really ridiculous!  This is why I really love Mixtiles!

Mixtiles: The Product

I found Mixtiles while scrolling through Instagram one day; it was one of those ads that came up in my feed.  Here are the basics on the product. Mixtiles are 10″ x 10″ square foam tiles on which your pictures can be printed.  These super light weight pictures have adhesive tabs on the back to stick them to the wall.  They are able to be re-stuck again and again to change the design.  Additionally, the adhesive does not damage the walls.  The tiles cost $49 for your first 3 with each additional tile costing $9.  Shipping is free on all orders.  You order the photos through an app on your phone in which you select the photos from your albums, input your payment info and address and then order the tiles.  You can check out mixtiles.com for a quick video on the tiles.  As far as I know, this is only available in the Apple store.

The Review

I absolutely love Mixtiles! The picture quality is fantastic.  I printed both color and black and white photos and both printed beautifully on the tiles.  I love how easy they are to hang.  No hammer and nails, no trying to get those tiny hooks that never stay up onto those tiny nails.  I love that I don’t have to worry about the pictures coming loose and falling on my kids.  Even if they ever did fall, they are so super light, it would be like a marshmallow falling from the sky. These are perfect for apartment dwellers or those who rent their homes and are unable to put holes in the walls.  Finally I love that you can rearrange them whenever you want.  So as you get more you can keep changing the design.

For example, I ordered 4, two of my son and two of my daughter.  However, in the spring I plan on doing a family photo shoot with all four of us and then printing the pictures.  Once I get those Mixtiles, I will be able to totally reconfigure the design and incorporate the old pictures with the new ones quickly and easily.

I am not an affiliate for this product, although I wish I was.  I just really like the pictures and I know you will too!

Definitely check them out!



P.S. I f you are interested in printing out your photos for free check out my post on the Free Prints App by Photo affections!!

Author : Emily Bendler

Emily Bendler is a mom, wife, full-time insurance adjuster, professional dancer, dance teacher, graduate student, and founder of I Hope You Dance, Inc., a non-profit supporting youth dance. Read how Emily used her dance ambitions to become a time management maven using the about me link in the main menu. Feel free to send Emily a message using the contact page which can be found in the main menu under About Me.
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Haven’t heard of this company but sounds like a great and easy products to change, work with and use.

Christine Morris

This is a great idea. I have several pictures from a recent vacation that I want to display and haven’t found the right ideas just yet. I may give this a try!


Haven’t heard of mixtiles before but they look fabulous! I love how you can mix and match them, especially when you add new photos. Glad they are great quality too; sometimes these products don’t look as great when you blow them up to print. Thanks for linking this up so we could check it out! ?


Mixtiles was pretty good, but I just discovered another app that looks like almost the same product but is less expensive! Check out PhotoSquared. Their tiles are 4 for $44 (then still $9 ea additional). And their app is available for Apple and Android (which meant I could actually place an order).

Robert T Daschle

Ordered 10 tiles half of them had the heads chopped off and some blurry what a waste of money!!!!!!


How thick are the tiles? 1 or 2 inches?