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exercising with baby

Exercising with Baby, No Carrier Necessary

I love exercising. It makes me feel strong and fit. It gives me energy for my day and clears my mind. I usually like to exercise in the morning before the kids get up, but that doesn’t always work out. When the baby wakes up early though, that doesn’t stop me. I put together this … Read More

baby wearing

Energy Boosting Baby Wearing Workout

Mama, do you feel like you need an energy boost but lack the alone time for your normal workout? I get it, I’ve been there.  The energy boost you get from a good workout can really counteract those sleepless nights, but it’s hard to find the time, especially with a new baby.  I am here … Read More


How to Create a Habit

Habits can be great.  Want to exercise regularly or drink more water or meditate or any number of good things? Creating a habit can help with any number of healthy behaviors allowing them to become automatic and easy.  The problem is actually creating the habit.  And I have some bad news: it’s not just a … Read More

fit during the holidays

Staying Fit During the Holidays

Staying Fit During the Holidays It is that time of year when foods are rich and desserts seem to be available in abundance.  Even those who have a steady fitness routine throughout the year can succumb to the temptation of holiday treats.  It really is hard this time of year with less opportunities to workout … Read More

20 week update

Postpartum 20 Week Update

Postpartum 20 Week Update So here we are at 20 weeks postpartum.  I have been unpregnant for half as long as I was pregnant.  Well almost.  I mean she was 6 days late.  A lot has changed in the past 20 weeks.  Let me update you. Hailey Hailey has grown a lot in the past … Read More

post baby belly

Post Baby Belly

Post Baby Belly So here we are are at 2.5 weeks post partum. While sleep is still less than abundant, everyone is adapting to the new schedule. Hailey is growing, and T is learning how to be a big brother. Some days are too exhausting to think about exercising and others I just want to … Read More