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The Perfect Holiday Night In

The Perfect Holiday Night In

While there are a lot of parties and events to attend this time of year, nothing beats a quiet evening at home to bond with the family.  With my husband and I having opposing schedules, we don’t really have a lot of evenings home together.  For us, a great night in consists of food, a movie, and an activity.


holiday night in



Yummy food is essential for any family night in.  I love a warm mug of hot chocolate and my son is all about his chocolate milk.  He has not yet discovered the joys of hot chocolate.   One way to go is to make the food part of the activity. Not something that will take a ton of time, but definitely a fun activity to kick off the night.  Check out these quick and easy treats:


Christmas tree OREO pops from It’s Always Autumn

Christmas Tree Brownies from One Little Project

Reindeer Chow from This Silly Girl’s Life

Easy Christmas Bark from Graceful Little Honey Bee


holiday night indsc_9813holiday night inholiday night in


These are all super cute and very festive.  However, we don’t always know when we will want/need a relaxing night in.  I suggest having a package of ready to bake cookie dough on hand just in case.  You may not win the award for Holly Homemaker, but you will have nice warm yummy cookies, a clean kitchen, and plenty of time to move on to the rest of your evening.


What to Do

A night in is the perfect time for holiday crafting or family games.  There are tons of games you can purchase, but also a ton that you can make.  This part may require some planning on your part, but if you prep now, it will be super easy to just set up when the time comes.  Here are some ideas for sun family crafts and games to entertain and bond with the family

Silver Bells Memory Game from I can Teach my Child

Christmas Bowling from Keeping it Simple

Christmas Charades Game from Mom and Munchkins

DIY Christmas Matching Game from Dirt and Boogers

Christmas Salt Dough Ornaments from I Heart Arts N Crafts

What to Watch

The best way to end a night in is with a fun festive holiday movie.  My husband is an avid movie collector, so we have a plethora of choices at our fingertips.  The following are just a few of our favorite Christmas movies to enjoy as a family.

The Original Christmas Classics Gift Set

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas

The Muppet Christmas Carol

A Charlie Brown Christmas 

holiday night inholiday night inHoliday night in

There you have it. Everything you need for a cozy night in with the family and still feel super festive.  Do you have a favorite holiday movie, treat or activity? share it in the comments below!



Author : Emily Bendler

Emily Bendler is a mom, wife, full-time insurance adjuster, professional dancer, dance teacher, graduate student, and founder of I Hope You Dance, Inc., a non-profit supporting youth dance. Read how Emily used her dance ambitions to become a time management maven using the about me link in the main menu. Feel free to send Emily a message using the contact page which can be found in the main menu under About Me.
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Rachel Gault (@rachelgault)

Love this! The Christmas season is my absolute fave for nights in!

Lauren | Talk of the Trains Blog

I love the idea of a cozy family night, playing games by the fire or snuggling on the couch! We love baking cookies together too!


We enjoy the same fun filled nights together as a family. We always make a special treat, pick out a fun movie, change into our jammies and enjoy the evening. Sometimes a board game is included.


Great ideas! My family and I love Oreos and the Grinch. Thanks for sharing!


Absolutely love it! My favourite combination would be those brownies, charades, and The Muppets!


Loving this! I think my favourite combo is those brownies, charades and the Muppets! 😀

Marette Flora (@maretteflora)

I am so excited to watch more Christmas movies now that we have a little one! I will check out the Curious George one! Sounds like a fun holiday night.


Love all of these, I cherish family time around the holidays thank you for sharing!

Kassandra DeKoning

I love nights in!! Honestly they are the best and so good for the soul 🙂 we love watching movies and ordering take out 😉

Thanks for sharing!!


Love this idea! Those tree Oreos are so cute!

Justine Y @ Little Dove

I agree, love holiday nights in. We love all those movies, Christmas Vacation is especially a favorite of mine and my kiddos all love the Charlie Brown and the Curious George Christmas movies. 🙂


This is such a great post! I love all the little treats and the games sound fun. And of course Christmas movies. I’m planning a party this year and I may have to make some of those snacks ?